starfacea.pngPrepare your company for a cost-efficient future with Voiceover-IP: with STARFACE APPLIANCE. The innovative complete package has been developed especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Telephones in your subsidiaries and home offices, as well as mobile phones of your field staff can be integrated in a central STARFACE telephone system. The offer including hard- and software consists of coordinated components and enables you fast and easy access to IP telephony. Just install STARFACE APPLIANCE and you can immediately use it!

Discover now all advantages of STARFACE APPLIANCE
  • Considerably less expenses for telephone infrastructure
  • A quick start into IP-telephony thanks to a coordinated complete package
  • A central STARFACE telephone system for the whole business, including phones of field staff, home offices or selling agencies
  • Worldwide access to your STARFACE functions
  • Low administration effort e.g. when changing the office, keeping the telephone number is possible without reconfiguration
  • Competent advice and regular updates as well as maintenance by certified STARFACE partners
  • Zero Deployment no installation of additional software necessary

Call manager

  • Signalises incoming calls with phone number and name
  • Call acceptance, direct redirection to voicemailbox or employee (call deflection), call rejection
  • Making a call by typing in the number, using the redialing function or address details
  • Redialing-list of the last dialed numbers
  • Spontaneous conferences with 3 or more participants
  • Act as middleman between several calls
Call lists
  • Logging of all connections with display of connection status:
    - incoming, outgoing, missed, accepted
  • Display of telephone number, name, date, time, duration, signalising of messages left
  • Clearly arranged display of list entries
  • Sort function for all call details
  • Interactions in call lists:- Returning/repeating a call by clicking the number
    - Listening to voicemails
    - via mouse click
    - Deleting of entries
  • Management of received voicemails in folder structure
  • Setup of any number of voicemailboxes with individual voicemail greetings
  • Forwarding of messages via e-mail and checking of received messages via STARFACE or telephone
  • Call diversion according to default rules
Address book
  • Managing and displaying contacts with name, number and abbreviated number
  • Definition of different address books (public/privat)
  • Connection to LDAP-registers possible
Virtual Conference Rooms
  • Clearly arranged display of upcoming and held conferences
  • Assistant based organising of periodic telephone conferences
  • Automatic transmission of invitation e-mails to participants
  • Individual invitation texts possible; standard text inclusive
  • Notification of participants in case of changes of conference details
  • Conference opening carried out by the moderator via telephone or software
  • Interactive right to hear and speak (mute- and reverse mute)
Additional Functions
  • Simple acceptance of calls (pick up-function)
  • Status display (vacant line/busy, logged in/logged off) of users
  • Call diversion: of intern and extern calls, to intern/voicemailbox/extern (mobile or fixed line)
  • Follow-me function: worldwide access to STARFACE
  • Configuration of ISDN-service attributes (call waiting, busy on busy, etc.)
  • Personal Assistant function
  • Individual connection to CRM-systems



Mini-Desktop 2 HE Desktop, 19" 2 HE Desktop, 19"
Intel Atom CPU
RAM: 512 MB
CPU: 1,8 GHz
HDD: 1x 2,5" SSD
Intel Dual Core CPU
HDD: 2x160GB (RAID 1)
Front USB Port for Disaster&Recovery

Power suply: 3 x 380 watt
With 1 ISDN-Kanal
Available with up to 4 ISDN-channels, 1 further free PCI-slot available
Available with up to 16 ISDN-channels, 2 further free PCI-slots available
User-defined configuration of SIP providers
Recommended Operating Conditions:
up to 4 users
up to 40 users up to 150 users

We would be glad to provide you with professional advice on site and work out a suitable offer with you.

You can download the product flyer here.