Professional advice and installation of TC-systems
Your requirements exceed normal telephone conversations? You need several telephones which should be able to "speak" with each other? Then you won't get around a TC-system; and with our know-how we will find the suitable system and technique (ISDN/VoIP) for you.

Here, Starface VoIP-systems are used which are able to create small, as well as surroundings of up to 500 participants. Using this system you can, regardless from which working place, make a call for example directly out of Outlook or the Apple address book (CTI, please find below).

The perfect tariff
Saving money in business or private life is easier than thought! When thoroughly studying and comparing current tariffs for DSL, telephony and mobile phones, there often can be saved some money. We gladly give you provider impartial advice and find out the perfect tariff for you.

CTI - Computer Telephony Integration
CTI stands for the connection of telecommunication with electronic data processing. It enables automatic setup, acceptance and termination of calls out of computer programs. Furthermore, it supports setup of telephone conferences, sending and receiving of fax messages, telephone book services as well as call forwarding.